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Shannon Green is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Washington as well as a Child Mental Health Specialist.  Shannon earned a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling and Psychotherapy from Antioch University Seattle.  Some of Shannon’s most formative experience and training have centered on adolescents and young adults, parenting, child development, family therapy, couples, and individual personal exploration.  In addition to therapy with families, couples and individuals Shannon has taught life skills classes, parenting
classes, and provides educational lectures to the community. 

Shannon began practicing in 2004.  She opened a private practice in Seattle WA in 2007.  Shannon's current private practice is located in Costa Mesa, CA.  The office is located near Orange Coast Community college and has easy access from the 405, 55 and the 73.  The office is located in a quiet setting with plenty of parking.  The atmosphere of the office is inviting and Shannon provides a calm living room style setting with beautiful art by Miriam Drake; local artist from Laguna Beach.  The office is child friendly and provides a tranquil place for anyone of any age to explore their personal needs and issues. 





 Shannon Green, MFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
MFC 47323

Costa Mesa, CA
(714) 280-6967 









 Marriage & Couples Counseling:
Growth and change within a relationship is often difficult and sometimes painful to one or both parties. Many find that a marriage or a relationship is more work than they had expected.  Shannon will help you and your partner develop successful relationship strategies and practices, so you can better deal with the challenges that life may throw your way.  In couples therapy each individual will work towards a satisfying realization of themselves as an individual and within their relationship. Through communication, growth, and forgiveness healing can occur.

Child & Adolescent:

Children often have difficulty at home and or school. They may seem unhappy, withdrawn, or out of control.  Shannon is a Child Specialist who works with the child, family, school personal and physicians as needed to find effective solutions to a variety of issues.  Children and Adolescents can gain a sense of their place in the world and what their roles should be. Therapy can give your child the tools to be more successful with peers, improve their academic performance and communication skills.  Children will learn healthier ways to cope with daily  problems and feel less stressed.

Family Therapy:

 Often problems will involve the entire family.  Shannon will help you and your family identify concerns and practical solutions.  Shannon will assist you and your family members in shifting thought and behavior patterns, so that your  family members can align as a whole and the family may feel a greater sense of harmony.  As your family learns new ways of communication, interaction and healthier coping skills the family’s relationships can strengthen. 

Individual Counseling:

  Life can be overwhelming and confusing at times.  Often we get distracted and veer off our true path and experience feelings of being stuck.  Shannon will act as a guide for you to recognize your true path and create movement in your life. Shannon will help you explore personal issues in a respectful manner, provide
guidance, problem solving and be a nonjudgmental listener. 











































































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